Great Educational Apps for Kids

We live in a new era of communication and innovation, and learning is not exempt from that. Today there are several online resources to help kids through their learning process, one of those are apps. There is a myriad of educational apps designed for children of all ages. Baby and toddlers apps or kids apps , in general, should guarantee a safe learning environment while providing fun and engaging content. The possibilities are varied, from language learning to apps that help kids express their emotions to ones that help them enhance their creativity. Today we bring you a list of educational apps that are great for kids

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Educational Apps for Kids

Habitat - Educational apps1. Habitat the Game, by Elevator Entertainment: adopting an animal and keeping it healthy seems like a great way to learn about the environment and how to take care of it, which seems to be the main purpose of this captivating app. The main character is a polar bear, which the player has to help through the completion of certain activities to ensure its wellbeing. It’s a game but also an essential educational tool that teaches kids about a myriad of things such as caring for a pet, turning off lights after leaving a room, or making your own compost. Definitely, an educational app to keep in mind. 

Elmo 123s - Educational apps2. Elmo Loves 123s , by Sesame Street Workshop: this particular app specializes in teaching math skills to kids using the numbers from 1 to 20. Kids are easily related to the content thanks to the lovable characters in it. It also counts with several mini-games to reinforce the lessons given, like puzzles, visual recognition games, and videos, and the best thing is that all of those are related to numbers! It’s a very useful app for kids aged 3 to 6.

Masha and the Bear - Educational apps3. Masha and the Bear , by Indigo Kids: it's an amusing app which helps kids learn through actions. It offers several mini-games that incorporate learning in an environment filled with fun. What makes this game even more successful is having the characters from Masha the Bear in it, rowing through a lake or strolling through the forest, they create a magical space for kids to interact with, making the experience even more incredible. It's one of the most entertaining toddler's games. 

Lingokids En - Educational Apps4. Lingokids English for Kids, by Monkimun Inc: Using games as a learning tool has proven to be quite effective for young English learners, it’s a fun way of introducing a new language while having a total immersion environment. However, Lingokids is more than just an English learning app, with this tool, kids can learn at their own pace through videos, games and traceable activities that engage them. It also has a compelling new feature: Lingokids Live, where the children can have English classes with a native teacher from the comfort of their own homes. It’s designed for kids aged 2 to 8, with a curriculum supported by Oxford. A great way to introduce a new language, indeed.

Color Band - Educational apps5. Color Band , by Ting-Wei Liu: from the early years, kids are attracted to colors and sounds, and this is what Color Band uses as a teaching tool. It’s an app focused on music and sound in order to create drawings to help children express their creativity to the fullest. Art and music are essential topics to introduce in a kid’s life, in order to develop their personalities and express themselves, and this app represents the perfect way to do that in a safe environment. A must try!

Doctor Jungle - Educational apps6. Dr. Jungle - Animal Dentistry , by BabyBus: there's no better way to start teaching the importance of dental health to kids than with a game. In Animal Dentistry your kid will become a dentist for the most incredible wild animals while learning to take care of his own teeth. It’s a fun game for kids up to 6 years old, with the main purpose of allowing them to become acquainted with the dentist, losing the fear of the dreaded dental visits, but with the side advantage of teaching about animals and how to care for them. 

Mindful - Educational apps7. Mindful Powers , by Smashing Ideas Inc.: sure, teaching kids life skills such as languages, math, or science is essential, however there is another set of skills quite important to them as well, and that’s what this app is all about, it helps kids learn about emotions and how to react to them and process them so they could build a healthier relationship with themselves, and with their family and friends. Sure is a great way to give children tools that will prove helpful in a personal level as they grow up.

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