Arts and Crafts for Children

Arts and crafts for children are one of those activities that are not only fun and entertaining but also educational and help to stimulate both physically and mentally. All in one!

Introducing art to children is vital and is always highly recommended. Children will love getting into arts and crafts as almost anything that makes, will involve playing with their hands and with colors. They will undoubtedly be very willing to get their hands dirty and so it should be a very easy introduction.

There are important benefits to be gained from arts and crafts for children

Also, arts and crafts provide important benefits that go beyond just entertainment and being aesthetically pleasing. Like any other creative activity, arts and crafts for children help them to improve hand-eye coordination. The following skills are also improved:

  • Help improve motor skills. They require delicate and specific movements with tools and small objects.
  • Help to boost self-esteem. Coming up with and creating small works of art, will give children something to be proud of, something from their imagination and made using their own abilities.
  • Stimulate creativity. This is obvious though, right? To create any piece of art, you need imagination and creative thinking. Children will not usually find difficulty in this, but art and craft work will stimulate these skills and channel their creativity into something productive.
  • Help build teamwork. The best art and craft work are the ones that require cooperation with parents and other children. This way, it is sociable and helps children learn to express their feelings more naturally.
  • Help them to begin their understanding of artistic concepts such as color combinations, styles, shapes etc…

As you can see and if you needed any more excuses to get started with arts and crafts at home, not only is it fun, but can also be very beneficial.

Before letting your children jump into arts and crafts at home, it is important to prepare the working area. Buy enough materials (watercolors, brushes, scissors, glue, plasticine etc…) and arrange a specific area at home to begin creating. They will love it!

The best arts and crafts ideas for children that you can make at home together

  • Homemade Dream Catcher: with just a small wooden ring, felt, threads and a few tools, you can make and decorate beautiful dream catchers to hang in their bedrooms.
  • Table Football/Soccer: with a shoebox, straws, cardboard, tweezers, a ping pong ball and other household items (tape, scissors etc..) you can make a homemade tabletop football game that brings hours of fun.
  • Viking Boats: what child wouldn’t like to have their own Viking boat? Nothing more could stimulate more their imagination than these naval vessels that can be easily created with cardboard, scissors, paint and just a bit of ability to draw.
  • Jellyfish: using disposable plastic plates, and strips of material for hanging from them, you can create some really interesting jellyfish. The best part is that these don’t sting!
  • Cork boats: an idea ideal for smaller children, mainly because of their simplicity but also because of the games that you can play once they are finished. Using a few corks, a small wooden stick, some string and cardboard for the sails, you can construct a small boat that will also float. To complete the scene, you can put the boats into a glass jar, with pebbles in the bottom, with some small fish made from felt and you will have a fantastic decoration for your children’s bedroom.
  • Animal masks: using disposable plates, some paints, and using a bit of help from some scissors, you can create masks for almost any animal or character you can think of. You need just a little bit of imagination.
  • Helicopters: there are many ways to make them, but the easiest way is to use small plastic eggs that usually contain small toys in, lolly sticks and a few pins. Combining these objects, you can come up with surprisingly good homemade helicopters. 
  • Stone or Pebble Decorations: using stones or pebbles that are smooth, usually found in rivers, with branches and canvas, you can create many different types of artwork. From scenes with animals, to scenes with characters, flowers, etc…

Can you think of any more ideas for arts and craft work for children? Which ones are your favorite? What is for sure is that there are many different options, for all ages and abilities, so…what are you waiting for?

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