Show Them How to Cook While They are Still Young

Children have fun when they are learning new things and the kitchen can be a great classroom. They love being messy and getting their hands dirty which is why being in the kitchen is a fantastic opportunity to show them a few cooking tricks and also about food preparation.

Learning to cook from a young age will provide many benefits to them, not only will they have fun but they will also learn new things, whilst developing new abilities and experimenting with new textures, tastes as well as their other senses. 

Advantages of cooking together as a family

  • It´s Fun

Cooking is a creative and entertaining activity for young children. As well as learning simple recipes whilst having a good time, children will also learn about food quality and how they affect our diets and our bodies. For children, the combination of colorful fruits, fun ways of playing with food and just getting messy with all the different mixtures, means that cooking has all the right ingredients for an entertaining afternoon together as a family.

  • Discover New Flavours

By starting this new adventure into the kitchen at an early age, children will learn to accept new dishes and different tastes. This will help to train their taste buds and this way, if they have fun cooking, they will not have any problems trying out new things such as fruits and vegetables that can sometimes be difficult to introduce to young boy or girls.

  • Enhance Their Creativity

It is clear that cooking, above just being an everyday chore, is a creative activity. For this reason, showing your children how to cook will provide a challenge for them that will only help to enhance their creativity. With the different ingredients within a recipe or even the way that food can be presented onto a plate, children are presented with an ideal opportunity to let their imaginations flourish, which will sometimes come up with very interesting creations.

  • The End of Gender Roles

In times gone by, cooking was only taught to girls, but this has changed. Teaching boys how to cook is a very good way to help them understand each other’s roles within the household. It is important to show them that cooking is not just for mum or only for dad, but that they also, regardless of being a boy or a girl, can help out around the house.

  • Improved Self Esteem

Learning new things will always help to increase a child’s self-esteem. Learning to cook and then receiving encouragement and support from their “customers”, will give children and their self-esteem an important boost, making them feel more confident and sure of themselves.

  • Healthier Eating

Helping our children to maintain a healthy and balanced diet can become complicated. Cooking can become the perfect tool to help children understand the importance of eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet. For them, sweets and cakes are their favorites, but showing them how to cook might make them more receptive when it comes to trying out new meals if they have helped to prepare it.

  • Quality Time Together

This is one of the most important advantages of teaching our children how to cook. During the week, between school, work and the other chores around the house, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to spend together as a family, which makes cooking such an ideal activity to spend some quality time together. We eat every day and we have to cook every day, most of us anyway. If you have been able to spend some quality time together whilst learning something new as a family, it will not matter what the final result on the plate is.

These are just a few of the advantages and benefits of teaching your children how to cook. Depending on their age, you should choose between more simple recipes and more complicated dishes. If they are under the age of four, then we recommend simple recipes that help them learn more about healthy eating. As they get older, start introducing them to something more difficult but making sure the activity is still fun.

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