Essentials to go to the beach with children

During the summer, the beach is one of the favorite places for the whole family to visit! It’s also one of the places children enjoy the most. 

Playing with the sand, running along the shore, and swimming while enjoying the waves are some of the reasons why children love to go to the beach. During vacations, there are a lot of things to have in mind if we are traveling with children. The heat, the sun, and all the crowded places might cause some problems on our trip that luckily can be avoided. 

It’s not unusual to leave the house with tons of luggage since we want to be prepared for everything, and many times because of all of these suitcases and kids' toys, we forget some of the most important things to go to the beach with our children.

Things you should always take to the beach

  • Sun Protection

Being protected from the sun during vacations is essential to fully enjoy these days. Sunburns hurt and are very annoying. That’s why is so important to take sunscreen with you. For children, what’s most recommend is to use sun lotions +50 since their skin is more sensitive. Children spend most of their time at the beach playing in the sand and in the water, so they are exposed to the sun rays for an extended period of time, making sun protection a necessity. Also, there are shirts that block UV rays that they can wear to cover their chest completely and avoid sun damage. It is recommended to use sun protection during the whole day, but most of all, from 12 pm to 3 pm, which is when the sun rays are stronger, and remember to reaply every two hours!

  • Bracelets with a name and a telephone number

Usually, there are lots of people on the beach and this could potentially make it difficult for us to spot our children at all time as intended. Children love to play and run around and they could feel disoriented and could even get lost if the beach is really crowded. For your peace of mind and their safety, it is good to have bracelets with a name and a telephone number of one parent, both, or even a legal guardian. So, if anything happens, if a child doesn’t see their family and gets lost, then they could ask for help and someone can contact the parents as soon as possible.

  • A bag for toys

Children love taking a lot of their toys with them to the beach. Plus, parents have to carry towels, goggles, beach paddles, buckets, balls… To keep all of these things under control, you can use a bag of toys where your child will be able to keep all of their toys together and organized. That way, as soon as children finish playing, they can pick up everything without losing any of their toys, and without you having to worry about it!

  • Floaters and swim sleeves

The youngest kids usually don’t know how to swim very well, but at the beach, even when they know how to swim, it is recommended to be extra careful since swimming at sea is quite different from the swimming at the pool, and waves and riptides can be dangerous. That’s why floaters and swim sleeves should always be taken when going on vacations. These safety devices are comfortable and keep children safe when they play in the waves. Just, keep in mind that when using floaters, it is recommended that these are adapted to the child’s size so it works as intented.

  • Umbrellas and windbreaks

These are ones of the articles that for sure you shouldn’t forget! At the beach, even more when it’s crowded, it is difficult to find a good place that provided shade to shelter us from the sun. So taking an umbrella is important to avoid having your children being exposed to the sun all the time. This will help them regulate their temperature and avoid heat exhaustion. Windbreaks, on top of creating some shade, are useful to shelter you from strong wind and to avoid getting hit by the sand.

These are just some of the objects you definitely can not forget on your next trip to the beach with your little ones. Once you’ve made sure you have everything you need, all that it’s left is to enjoy your summer days at the beach. Your children will have a blast while being safe!

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