Estimating our children´s final height

As parents, we constantly worry about if our children are going to grow to be big and strong, not just meaning healthy, but also about developing correctly and being as tall as other children.

Children’s height will depend on various different factors. Good nutrition is key to growing well, as well as environmental factors and even their daily habits and routines can affect them, but above all else, their genes will usually be the deciding factor on what their height will be as an adult. On average, children are around 49cm long when they are born and will grow approximately 25cm during their first year. As they get older, they will grow around 7-13cm on average each year, although this does depend on their nationality and the genes of each child.

How to calculate the height of your children

There are different ways to calculate the height of children and to observe how they get bigger as each year passes. Here a few different ways to measure and record the height of your children.

  • Marks on the wall

This method is something that we have all seen, in films, on TV, everywhere. It consists of standing your child up against a wall and once they have stood up straight, make a mark on the wall to match where the top of their head reaches. This way, you can keep updating the mark as they get taller and after a specific amount of time, like every month, every 6 months, or every year for example.

  • Target height

This method will help to calculate the estimated height of children using the heights of the parents. This method is not 100% accurate but it will give you an idea of the height your children can expect to reach.

If you are trying to estimate the future height of a boy, follow these steps:

- Add together the heights in centimeters of both parents.

- Divide the answer by 2.

- Then add 6.5 centimeters.

For a girl, follow the same steps but instead of adding 6,5 centimeters, subtract 6,5 centimeters. Once you have calculated the answers, you will have the approximate future heights of your children.

There is another method that originated in the U.S which will also give a reasonable estimate to a child’s final height which according to experts, should only vary by about 8 centimeters either way. For example, if the result of the equation is 1.60 meters, their height should not exceed 1.68 meters or be below 1.52 meters.

For this method, use the following...

For a girl:

Subtract 13cm from the height of the father, meaning that if the father's height is 180cm, the answer would be 167.

Add to this the height in centimeters of her mother.

Divide the answer by 2.

The answer will be her approximate height when she is older.

For a boy:

Follow the same steps but instead of subtracting 13 centimeters from the father's height, add 13 centimeters to the mother's height.

These are a few of the ways to calculate the estimated height of children and to be able to check if they are growing at the expected rate. There is a suggestion that if children practice sports from an early age, that they will not grow at a normal rate but this is not true. Experts insist that playing sports is good for children and for their development, although it is recommended that the activity is at the adequate level for their age and physical capacity. Sports and exercise will help children’s bodies to grow but as we said before, the deciding factor to peoples final height tends to be in their genes.

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