The most unique and original ideas for children’s fancy dress

When it comes to children’s fancy dress costumes, parents always seem to release their hidden creativity. However, as there are occasions when you may find yourself slightly stuck, here are a few ideas to start you off with.

Five ideas for fancy dress for you all to enjoy

Within these selections we have tried to cover as many themes as possible, they cover wildlife, cartoon characters, games and classical costumes.

Bear in mind that these outfits can be suitable for various different events, like the carnival, a family party or even an event at school.

Maya the bee

A cartoon character full of charisma, who is funny, and also a very easy costume to make.

All you need to do is create the body using yellow and black polyethylene. Then find some black tights or leggings and also some black shoes. To finish, you just need a headband with two antennas.

A rainbow

If your little one loves nature and wildlife, they will love this. Again using polyethylene, all you need to do is cut out the right size semi circles using the different colors of the rainbow. To make the idea more unique, you can incorporate a sun, some clouds and even a few drawings of raindrops.

You are able to incorporate all of the different elements required to produce a rainbow.

Little red riding hood

Is there a more classical fancy dress outfit? Of course not. This is another simple costume. All you need is a dress with suspenders. Do not forget the coat with a red hood though!

To accompany the dress, remember to have a basket for taking food to grandmas house. Children’s tales characters never fail!

If you are looking to go as a group, then try and accompany little red riding hood with her two friends, the wolf, and the hunter. What could be better than a fun day together, enjoying acting out one of your favorite stories?


As the objective is to have a good time with friends, then surely a great alternative is to dress up as a board game that really earned its place in history. Were referring to Ludo of course.

This idea offers many different options as you can dress up as the board itself, or one of you might dress up as the dice, or the counters, or even as the dice beaker. If your group isn’t large enough to cover all of the different options, then you can always choose your favorites.

To make this costume, once again use colored polyethylene and cardboard. Try to not make costumes that are heavy or too bulky as the idea is to wear them for reasonably long periods and while having a good time.

The sky

Our final recommendation is an option to fully embrace mother nature. Many of the elements were previously used with the rainbow but with this theme, each element can be represented individually.

Take advantage of the versatility of paper, cardboard and the ever-present polyethylene, to make outfits that show the sun, clouds, flowers or even the moon. Try to make a combination of costumes that represent the many different beauties of the earth.

These are simple costumes, that grab attention and are suitable throughout the year. This way, the fancy dress outfits will not need to be stored away in a box once the party has finished. These costumes can be used on more than one occasion and can even be worn by brothers or sisters to other events.

As you can see, at no point during this article have we suggested using a ready-made costume. Anyone can do that and that is not what we are looking to achieve here.

Hopefully, we have given you a few simple ideas that can be enhanced and developed by you and your children. This way you will also have a family activity that can be fun for all of you. It is also worth noting that when your son or daughter finish their costume and see the finished article, they will fully appreciate all that hard work.