These are the best breakfasts for children

Currently, 2 out of 10 children don’t have breakfast and those who do, do not do it properly. This is a bad habit, it can be harmful because of the prolonged fasting all night, but ... what is the most important thing to help our children start their day the right way?

Starting the day full of energy, it's not an easy thing. When the alarm rings, we have to wake them up and sometimes it can be very stressful, time is running out and we forget to pay attention to breakfast.

According to experts in Nutrition and Pediatrics, breakfast is the main meal of the day, especially for children. During the night they spend many hours without eating because they have dinner early and they do not eat anything until the next morning. And this is when the energy of our children is low after all these hours without eating and if we think that they are also tired, it makes their products lower to their potential. A well-balanced breakfast, which has all of the necessary nutrients will give them enough energy to go through their entire day and take advantage of it. These are some ideas to make perfect breakfasts for your children.

Healthy, fun and varied breakfasts for children

When it's time to eat we usually repeat patherns and habits, specially in breakfast. That's why it's a good idea to have different meals when it comes to breakfast, have a look at these ideas and plan to give your children a healthy and tasty breakfast.

  • Milk with cereals and fruit

When we talk about cereals for children tons of sugar and processed food comes into our mind. There are a lot of types of cereals that are good for our children, like muesli and oatmeal which are perfect to have the portion of daily fiber they need. Besides, this type of cereals helps them to achieve good levels of carbohydrates they need for their activities during the day. Carbohydrates will give them the energy to run and jump, but also to study and exercise their knowledge. Besides, milk is a calcium source, giving the right portion of proteins recommended for their development. To achieve a complete breakfast, fruit is the best option to give them sugar, mineral salts, and vitamins.

  • Fruit Pancakes

Are healthy pancakes? When we think of this recipe, we think it is not healthy and that it makes you gain weight, but there is a way to give our children their favorite breakfast in a healthy way. Everything in its right measure can be fun. Ingredients like flour, the least refined possible, eggs and milk are the base of this recipe. We can change White sugar for honey or brown sugar, to make the pancakes in the healthiest possible way. All these are good for the development of our children. Then add fruits like bananas, sliced strawberries or apples to decorate and make breakfast more complete, you can also add fruit to the dough.

  • Toast

There are many types of toasts, sweet, salty or even with fruit. This breakfast gives a lot of possibilities, we can prepare salted toast with ham or turkey, fresh cheese with olive oil ... There are many options. We can also create sweet toasts with fruit marmalades, whatever option you choose is perfect to start the day full of energy. And if you also drink a natural fruit juice it will make your children enjoy a complete breakfast.

  • Yogurt and fruits

Yogurt will give them calcium, carbs, and proteins, besides energy because of its sweet taste. If you add fruits, it becomes a great option to help your children start the day with energy. To add an extra of carbohydrates we can mix the yogurt and fruits with cereals or dried fruits and nuts. Although children usually choose yogurts that have a lot of sugar, we recommend that the yogurts you use for this breakfast are natural and if you need to make them sweeter add a bit of honey or sugar.

These are some of the most complete breakfasts for your children. Having a good breakfast is the key to having a productive day and being able to enjoy, not just playing but also to enjoy their classes and out of school activities. Starting their day with a good breakfast is what they need, and you, which breakfast do you think your child will enjoy the most?

If you have time, preparing breakfast is a great opportunity to spend some time in the family, your children will learn to cook and you will be able to spend a great and unique time together before starting a long day. Cooking together is a great opportunity that will bring great benefits, these are some of the advantages of cooking with your children .

Now that you know these breakfasts, nothing will be able to stop them, they will have energy and they will be very happy to start another day with these yummy recipes.

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