What are… the best riddles and brain teasers for children?

Children’s riddles, as with jokes, songs or poems, are made and adapted especially for children.

They are a lot simpler than riddles for adults and it is a lot more common to find children’s riddles based on animals or living beings. They may also be more musical and fun, anything to grab the attention of children.

Children love riddles though anyway so it is not very difficult to attract their attention. These fun word games, using that spark of imagination will usually be very attractive to children and will have them thinking of the answers for hours. For these types of games, you will find that it’s the children that are more interested and will concentrate on longer than the adults…

Many riddles are well known and have been around for what seems like forever. This is because riddles are a very old form of literature and have been around for centuries.

So, why should I get my children into riddles and brain teasers? Apart from being fun, children’s riddles are an excellent past time to stimulate creativity, imagination and to focus the concentration of young children.

They are also a very good way for children to practice lateral thinking or “thinking outside of the box”, which in other terms is to find solutions to problems using different ways of thinking. These games will often use a play on words or sounds, so it is vitally important to pay close attention and to not focus too much on the obvious.

The best children’s riddles for you to play with your children

Are you ready to start your children off with a few riddles? There are many different types, so to save you time, we have put together a selection of popular riddles and brain teasers that use a variety of themes. Get those thinking caps on!

I’m tall when I’m young, but short when I’m old. What am I?

A candle

I have two hands, but I can not clap. What am I?

A clock

I dry as I get wet. What am I?

A towel

If there are three apples and you take two away, how many do you have?

If you take two away, then obviously you have two apples.

Say: airplane backwards.

“Airplane backwards”

What word looks the same upside down?


What belongs to you but is used more often by other people?

Your name

I am the most slippery country on the planet. Which country am I?


How many apples can you put into an empty box?

None, if you put an apple in an empty box, it wouldn’t be empty

What is the capital of Rome?


You can serve it, but you can´t eat it, what is it?

A tennis ball

I will always come, but never today. What am I?


I am full of keys, but I can´t open any doors. What am I?

A piano

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Your breath

How do you divide 20 oranges equally between 11 girls? You must use all of the oranges and all 11 girls must receive the same amount.

Juice the 20 oranges, and serve them into 11 glasses equally

George works in a fruit shop, he’s 6 foot 2 inches tall and wears size 11 shoes. What does he weigh?

He weighs fruit

What is something you can put in your pocket to keep it empty?

A hole

How many animals did Moses take onto the ark?

Zero, it was Noah’s ark.

When do astronauts eat their sandwiches?

At launch time

Which president wore the largest hat?

The one with the biggest head

What did you think of these riddles and brain teasers? Easy? Difficult?

Now it’s your turn! See how your children get on trying to solve these riddles. If you want to share with us any of your favorite riddles, or any riddles that you can remember from your childhood, then please leave them in the comments.

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