Birthday party ideas: Pinata & Treasure Hunt

Birthday is that one very special day when we can spend hours and hours playing games and running around with our friends. We all remember very well anticipating ours every year. Generations may change but the excitement around the birthday will always remain the same. This year organize an English language birthday party for your child where while playing, your child and his friends can learn English too. Below we'll share with you some of our favorite birthday games:

  • Pinata

Everyone loves a good excuse for having a pinata!  Stuff it with candies in every shape. Each child is given 3 chances to hit the pinata with a bat while blindfolded. After the pinata is burst open, the children run to collect the candies. Have them sort the candies by shape afterward. On Lingokids app there's the perfect pinata game that will prepare and help your child learn the shapes in English and have lots of fun!

  • Treasure hunt

Place several objects in different sides of the backyard/house (make sure they are slightly visible so that the children can find them), write them on a list in English and draw the object next to the word. Divide the children into two teams and whoever collects the objects first - wins.

  • Water balloon toss

Buy balloons in different colors and fill them with water. Divide the kids into pairs of two and have them gently pass a balloon one to the other trying to catch it successfully. Once the balloon breaks, the team gets a chance for a new balloon if they guess its color in English correctly.

  • Charades

This game never gets old! Feel free to join the children in this one. Download our printable animal cards activities in English with a little drawing beside it. Have each kid take one piece of paper and act out the animal or activity while the rest are taking a guess.

Let's party! Happy Birthday!?

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