Must Do’s to Succeed in the Birthday Decoration of Your Child

Do you want your child to have an amazing birthday party? We all know what can’t go wrong on a child’s birthday party: kids, cake, sweets, and games. But If on top of that, we give it a special touch with a unique decoration, we will make the child’s birthday an unforgettable memory.

Ideas on how to decorate a child’s birthday party

In order to organize the best party ever, the first thing we need to do is to invite our child’s friends, think about what gift would make them excited and get our work started to organize activities so our child experiences the best birthday party ever. 

The main objective is that our child feels very special and that’s why it’s important to think about the little details. The first question we should ask ourselves is, what is a good theme I could choose that would make my child really excited? Animals, movies, their favorite color, an idol, their favorite animated character, music, science... Once you’ve chosen the theme for the party, there’s just one thing left to do: prepare the details. These are some ideas you can never go wrong with:

  • Flags with their name on it

On a wall, or hanging on the trees (if the party is outside in your garden), you can tie a string to it. This string should go through the different colors of construction paper. What about the size? The perfect size for this is A4, so it can be seen easily. Then, you should cut one of the sides of the corners of a triangle and in each corner of the opposite side make two holes. In one of the sides of each construction paper, you will write your child’s name big enough to be seen.

  • Bags of sweets or Candy bar

What kind of birthday party doesn´t have a bag of sweets? You can buy in a stationery shop, transparent plastic to wrap, cut it in a square shape and fill it up with the sweets you like and after that, taking the four ends to the center and tie them up with a cute string. Another idea? Buy strings that have different shades of colors. You can also prepare a Candy bar or a table full of sweets, you can do that by only reserving part of the food table to put sweets on or use a little table using different ways to present the sweets: on top of a wooden box, in colorful containers, brochettes… If you just spend a little time and love, it will end up looking amazing.

  • The cake decoration

The most special moment of a birthday party is when the child blows up the candles. That moment when everyone is focused on the child and they sing for their anniversary. If apart from this, we personalize the cake of our children with the theme of the party, this moment will be perfect. In case your child doesn´t like cakes, another option to have in mind is to make a candy cake ourselves. In a stationery shop, you can find plastic cork in circles of different sizes. Besides, you will need a little sticks and a lot of sweets. Put the three circles of plastic one on top of the other with glue and take one by one the sweets you’ve chosen, letting your imagination fly.

  • Plates and cups

In your local shop, buying and using cheap products, you can find different accessories for your party. It’s important that the plates and cups you choose to match with the rest of the colors of the decoration you’ve created. You can always use plates and cups that have different fiction characters on them or just plain ones to mix them and simulate the rainbow.

  • Snack table

Depending on the number of guests, we will make more or less different snacks. However, It just takes for us to use a little bit of imagination. For example, If your child likes space, you can make mini -hamburgers that would look like little planets, you can also buy snacks with stars shapes or make sandwiches with aliens shapes

  • Fingerprint tree

This idea is just so much fun! Cut a wide construction paper with a rectangular shape high enough for the height of the children, simulating the trunk of the tree and other three thinner and shorter simulating the branches. Put them on a tablecloth for picnics. Now, the kids will leave their hands full of paint simulating the leaves on their fingerprint tree! It will be a perfect children´s photocall!

  • Personalized activities and games

There are classic games that you can never go wrong with: the spoon and the egg, hide and seek, sack races, exploding balloons using a stick, pinatas , musical chairs… But If you want to give a themed touch, don’t forget to personalize the music or even the activities. If for example, your child has chosen the jungle, you can have a box full of costumes for your child to be an animal and to play with paints on their faces. A good idea is to prepare a table with crafts so they can create their favorite animal with rolls of toilet paper, buttons, clay, and paints.

Using these ideas you can make the little ones at your house, a fun, different party that they will remember forever. Don’t forget to have your camera ready to capture the most important moments of this very special party.

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