Best Pets for Kids

A pet can be a great addition to the family. Also, it can be a rewarding experience in the long run. Most children love animals, enjoy playing with them and taking care of them.

Little ones as young as 4 years old start asking their parents for a pet of their own. It is at this moment when parents have to consider the possibility of getting a family pet, and if they decide to do it, then it’s time to choose the best pet for them.

In general, having a pet can be very beneficial to a child. There are several advantages of growing up surrounded by a loving dog, a cat, or even a lizard!

Advantages of having a pet in the family

Pets can be quite beneficial for all family members. Pets are loving, caring, and provide tons of fun times for the whole family. Children, in particular, can benefit from having a pet, especially as they get older and are finally able to fully help with the tasks associated with owning a living animal. Take a look at some of the advantages of this:

- A pet can be a source of enjoyment, comfort, and support for a child. Only children, in particular, grow up to have a special relationship with their pets, and frequently turn to them for emotional support.

- Pets help children develop communication skills. Even though communication is nonverbal, children still dialogue with their animals. This frequent interaction makes children more prone to interacting with their peers.

- Children that own a pet develop skills such as responsibility and empathy. This is a direct result of learning how to take care of another living being. By taking care of their pets needs, children feel independent, confident, and more emotionally balanced.

- The fact that a child feels able to take good care of a pet helps them build higher self-esteem. A child with high self-esteem will do better at school and will build stronger relationships with their friends and family.

- Pets usually bring families closer together. As part of the family, all pets enjoy some quality time with their families playing and interacting. This increases family harmony and makes everyone feel happier.

- Children with pets are more relaxed, this helps them be more healthy.

Choosing the right pet for your child

If your family has decided on getting a pet, then it’s time to choose which one would be perfect for you. A pet has to adapt to the family’s lifestyle, so it’s important to consider how much space you have available in the house, how much time do you have to dedicate to the animal, how old are your children, and the personality of the animal, if it’s more energetic or calmed.


For small children, puppies are perfect! They are cuddly and usually social, and it’s almost certain that you can find the right type of dog that suits your family’s lifestyle. To adopt a dog, you must be sure it’s the right fit for your family, so make sure to ask lots of questions to your local shelter about the dog’s personality and behavior. More importantly, make sure to get to know the dog beforehand.
Keep in mind that dogs require lots of attention and care, and they can’t be left alone for extended periods of time since they need frequent exercise.


Cats are very independent, but this doesn’t mean they’re not affectionate as well. Cats require less attention than dogs and usually live longer than these, but they still to be fed daily. Unlike dogs, cats need a litter box for their physiological needs, so they don’t require to leave the house or go on a walk.
It’s important to notice that some people are extremely allergic to cats. Make sure to get tested for allergies before getting a kitten.

Guinea Pig

They can have a really fun personality, are furry, small and friendly. Guinea pigs are one of the best kinds of pets for a child. However, because of their size, they can get scared easily, so it’s important to help them feel safe, by placing the cages in a secure place. These lovely animals require frequent exercise and live better in pairs, so if you want to have this kind of pet, the best idea would be to get two of them.


This is the perfect pet for a really busy family. They are more low-maintenance that most of the pets, which makes taking care of them easier. However, these pets are better for older kids, which are more gentle when holding the lizards.


If your child is quite young, maybe it would be good to start by getting a fish. They are fairly low-maintenance, but you’ll still have to clean their tanks and feed them frequently.


These small, furry animals are perfect for children. They don’t require much space and is fairly easy to take care of them. Unlike guinea pigs, the hamster can be solitary, so you don’t have to get a pair. Hamsters need exercise, so make sure to get the appropriate cage for them to be live happily.

Things to consider before getting a pet

Getting a pet is it’s one of the most important decisions a family can make. If you and your family are thinking about bringing home a pet, there are some things you must consider beforehand.

- Pets require constant care and attention. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you decide to have, the fact is that all pets need an adequate diet, frequent trips to the veterinary to get checked or vaccinated, and other routines to keep them happy and healthy.

- Some pets need some training to be on their best behavior around the house. Some pets can be messy if not trained properly, and can damage furniture, clothing items, or can even scratch or bite.

- When going on vacations, you must do what’s possible to travel with your pets, they’re family after all. However, this might not always be possible, so you’ll need someone you can trust to look up after them.