Fun activities to have a fun day at the beach with children

Going on holiday and having fun in the sun, playing with the sand and the waves are a marvelous pastime for children. They have such an amazing imagination that if you try suggesting a few of these ideas, your days together as a family can be perfect.

To make sure you get the most out of these activities, the most important thing to do is to concentrate on your children’s likes and interests. If they like to explore, then you can propose an expedition to discover the many treasures that can be found around the beach and at the seafront; but if they are more into construction, then there will be nothing better than building sand castles. There is something for everybody on holiday!

The myriad of activities available beneath the summertime sun is amongst the most entertaining and exciting, which also help you create lots of great memories. Surely, you will be able to remember a few from your own childhood. Playing in the sand with spades, long days in the water jumping on the waves, or races along the seashore, are activities that never fail. Do you remember being buried in the sand? If you are going to the beach this summer, then here are a few ideas to make sure that you have the time of your life. Don’t forget though, make sure to plan ahead and try to cover anything unexpected.

To start, bring with you enough sunscreen, and find one that is suitable for the age of your children. Remember to apply enough cream before and during any exposure to the sun. Have with you a small first aid kit with other useful basics that includes band-aids, antiseptics, drinking water, fruit, sandwiches, a hat, and if your children haven’t learned how to swim well yet, also include armbands or something similar to help them float in the water. Another piece of advice to avoid any scares is to find something recognizable to put on your sunshade so that if your children can’t find you, they will be able to find your base. You can also buy special wristbands that have your name and telephone number written so that if anyone finds your children, they can contact you easily.

Children’s games on the beach

Sand constructions. You will probably be able to remember the exact moment when you decided to make a sand castle when you were a child. There are other options for when you are in the sand, like making small swimming pools to fill with sea water or burying someone in the sand and taking a memorable photo for the album. Use your imagination and you will be surprised!

Bats and balls. There are many options for games for the beach with bats or racquets and balls. If you have a couple of wooden racquets, then you have more than enough to start a fun tennis competition with the family.

Seashell search. Who wouldn’t want to have a souvenir from their summer holiday? Holidays are special times for parents and children, so it can be good to find something for you to remember your trip with, and what can be better than having something that you can find on the beach!

A walk or relay races. Summer holidays can be an ideal excuse to start looking after yourself and to increase the amount of physical activity that you do. Beware of the high temperatures, though! And also, be careful of the amount of sun exposure you get during your holidays.

Picnics and eating. Who doesn’t enjoy having something to eat near to the sea? Whether it is at a beach hut or something that you have prepared in your cooler, enjoy some delicious food to make your days even better.

Artistic photos. You can introduce your children to photography with a smartphone or compact camera. Showing children how to take good photos of the scenery, of the seascape or anything that comes into their imagination, can be a great way to capture special memories as a family.

Postcards. Children will enjoy sending home a token of their trip to share with a family member who was unable to make it on holiday, or with a school friend who is on a holiday of his or her own. You can take your own pictures or send a postcard available from the souvenir shops close to the beach.

Friendship bracelets. These accessories are available in most souvenir shops around the beach, and they aren’t expensive usually. Boys and girls love these type of souvenirs!

Braids and tattoos. Generally, children love changing their looks for summer and will enjoy having a go with braids, or maybe they would like to show off a new temporary tattoo that can be washed off with water. It’s another way to be creative!

Long jumps. A classic when staying at the beach! The objective is quite simple, the point is to jump as far as you can in the sand, and the person who performs the longest jump wins.

After reading these ideas, you are probably excited to plan your next days off and start packing your bags. Always make sure to plan ahead, so that you are able to relax. Take with you what you need and try to disconnect from the stress and distractions from the daily routine.

Remember to take into account your children’s age so that you find the right activities that are suitable for their ages and that adapt to their likes and interests. Spend quality time with them and the fun will surely follow!