Baby Photo Albums

One of our favorite memories of our children are their baby photos, not just because they grow so fast, but they are the only ways to remember how they arrived in our worlds. Even after just a couple of weeks, they change very rapidly, so photos can help us to remember their first few days. The first year is wonderful, full of memories, experiences and small but big changes that we always want to remember. As children get older, their curiosity increases and they will be interested to see what they were like as babies, or how their brother or sister was. This is why a photo album with their baby photos is perfect to hold on to these memories.

The bests ideas for photo albums

There are different formats available for creating the perfect photo album for our babies, ranging from traditional formats to unique homemade ideas to hold on to and look after these precious memories. Here are a few of these ideas:

Ultrasound photo albums

In our photo albums, we usually have photos of their first days, their first steps, even their first dinners, but you may also want to hold onto the memories from before they were even born and still in mums belly. Starting a photo album with their ultrasound pictures is a great way to begin as children will be especially interested to look back on themselves.

Daily photo albums

This type of album is different to others as it is not to hold on to specific moments but to tell a daily story during their life as a baby. You could begin with the front cover displaying their date of birth and their first photo. All you will need to do is write the date on each page and stick a daily photo on to each page.

Scrapbook albums

What is a scrapbook album? It is a homemade photo album with different types of pictures. Design a unique and original album, decorating it with stickers, patches, bottle tops or even pine cones. You can even decorate the album with personal objects like their wristband from the hospital, their first socks etc…

My first year

As the name suggests, this album is to remember the best and most important moments throughout their first year. Find out different ways to display the things that stand out most such as their first bath, their first time at the beach, or the first time they were held by their brothers or sisters etc… All of their achievements during their first year can be held and displayed using this type of album.

Narrated albums

In this type of photo album, you can narrate and write stories about the different moments and photographs within the album. This way, if just the photo is not enough to fully explain the situation, you can add a few short sentences to remember those special moments in more detail. You may even decide to narrate the photos in the first person as if your baby had written the phrases themselves, making it more fun to look back on in the future.

These are just a few ideas to help you find the perfect ways to fully remember your children’s early years that always create so many wonderful memories. Their first day, their first steps, their first hug, their first smile, these are all special moments that deserve being held on to. As they get older, you will want to look back on their time as babies and they will even be the first ones who want to look back on their early years. It is always special to look back at photo albums so what else could there possibly be that is better than our children’s first photos.