They can be fashionable as well. The best haircuts for babies

Yes! They can also be trendy! Haircuts for babies, as with adults, will depend on hair types, preferences (mainly of the parents) and what is fashionable at the time. There are many different options, so you will surely be able to find one that suits your baby.

Haircuts for babies, they can also get the latest fashions

Babies hair can be as varied as with adults, this is the first thing that you must not forget. As with us adults, there are babies who're hair grows quickly and in no time have a full head of hair, and then there are other babies who're hair takes time to grow.

Then, of course, there are babies who have a hair more curly or less curly, with different colors… all of this means that there are different types of haircuts that can be more or less suitable for each different baby. There are babies for example, that need more time for their hair to grow meaning that certain haircuts are only available after a certain age.

How and when to start cutting you babies hair?

There is not a specific moment when we should begin to cut our babies hair, but it is most common once they have reached their first birthday. This is when most children will have enough hair to need their first haircut.

The best thing to do is to observe them and then to decide when the right moment is for their first haircut. Some babies will need a haircut before, and others afterward… there is no correct moment and this should not be your greatest concern. Each baby develops at their own rate.

A lot of parents will decide to cut their babies hair by themselves at home. It is a solution that is commonly used at this age as it really isn’t essential to take them to a hairdresser. Having said that, it can be done though, it all comes down to your preferences and the needs of your baby’s hair.

The best haircut ideas for your baby

Whether you chose to go to a hairdresser or to cut your babies hair at home, here are a few of the best haircuts for babies, so that your baby can be as fashionable as possible.

  • Haircuts for babies with lots of hair

With babies that have a lot of hair, parents tend to go for haircuts a lot more drastic, but this isn’t always necessary. Whilst it is a good idea for them to have short hair, it is better if it is not so short that you can’t give them different styles or different looks. Also, if you shave their hair, it will probably grow back very quickly and their hair will be spiky.

  • Haircuts for babies with straight hair

A bob cut, whether it be shorter or longer, is usually the best idea for babies that have straight hair. Having slightly longer hair will give you many more options to try different styles (pigtails, curls, ponytails, whatever works for you and them) and you can find different alternatives for their fringe as well.

  • Haircuts for babies with curly hair

If your baby has really curly hair, the best option is to find a haircut which is slightly longer so that the curls go right around and don’t end up like spikes. With half a bob cut, it will be much easier to comb, maintain and wash. They will also be getting a very modern look.

  • Classical haircuts for babies

There are haircuts that will never be old fashioned, with reason as well, they will always look good, give you options, and your baby will look great with them. A bob cut with a fringe, for example, will always look good.

  • More modern haircuts for babies

Another option is to give them a more modern haircut. You could, for example, try a different style, non-asymmetric cuts, shaven styles or half shaven styles. You will love seeing them with new, trendy looks.

There are many possibilities and different ideas for your baby’s hair, so as we said, to begin with, you will no doubt find the right haircut for you and your baby.

Now, you tell us, what haircuts do you normally give to your baby? Do you prefer more classic looks or more modern hairstyles? Long hair or short hair? We can’t wait for your opinions!

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