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Learn the Alphabet in English for Children

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The alphabet is the obvious starting point for learning English for kids and beginners. There are many ways to get your youngest to learn the English letters and, later on, to read. We have gathered a couple of easy and fun activities to get you started:


B - Abecedario en inglésB for boy

C - Alphabet in EnglishC for cat

D - Alphabet in EnglishD for duck

F - Alphabet in EnglishF for fish

G - Alphabet in EnglishG for girl

H - Alphabet in EnglishH for hat

J - Alphabet in EnglishJ for jelly

K - Alphabet in EnglishK for kite

L - Alphabet in EnglishL for lion

M - Alphabet in EnglishM for moon

N - Alphabet in EnglishN for net

P - Alphabet in EnglishP for pizza

Q - Alphabet in EnglishQ for queen

R - Alphabet in EnglishR for rabbit

S - Alphabet in EnglishS for sun

T - Alphabet in EnglishT for table

V - Alphabet in EnglishV for van

W - Alphabet in EnglishW for window

X - Alphabet in EnglishX for box

Y - Alphabet in EnglishY for yoghurt

Z - Alphabet in EnglishZ for zebra


A - Alphabet in EnglishA for apple

E - Alphabet in EnglishE for egg

I - Alphabet in EnglishI for iguana

O - Alphabet in EnglishO for octopus

U - Alphabet in EnglishU for umbrella

Activities to learn the Alphabet:

1. Animal cards - Print out cards with pictures of different animals and below the pictures write the name of your little one, your family members and friends. Next, cut the cards vertically so that you separate each letter of the name and make a "mini puzzle" from the image of the animal. Learn to spell the names as you put the puzzle together.The visuals will make it easier for your child to learn the order of the letters of the names. BONUS TIP: To mix things up, try some words too - your child's favorite food or some everyday objects.

2. Trace the letter - Download the English learning app for kids -  Lingokids , and play "Trace the Letter" to learn to recognize and write the letters.

3. Learn uppercase letters - Now that your child has learned the lowercase letters on the Lingokids app, make cards with fruit basket shapes for each letter of the English alphabet and write down the uppercase letters. Make 26 more cards shaped like apples and write down the lowercase letters. Start the "apple picking" and match every letter with its uppercase pair.

ABC song: Learn the Alphabet

A classic tip worth mentioning is singing a fun alphabet song! 🎶

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