Who said that children do not like the theatre?

The theatre is an ideal activity for children, both taking them to see a show or encouraging them to take part. To see and to take part in the theatre involves creativity, fantasy, fun, laughs, teamwork, to see things from another perspective and...

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Piano or Violin? Which is better for children?

Nobody can argue about the importance that music can bring, both mentally and physically to the development of small children. Enjoying music and learning to play an instrument is an excellent way to help them learn something new that will also...

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Great educational apps for kids

We live in a new era of communication and innovation, and learning is not exempt from that. Today there are several online resources to help kids through their learning process, one of those are apps. There is a myriad of educational apps designed...

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How to Encourage English Conversation for Kids

Every child starts speaking a language at a different time. It all depends on how shy or afraid of making a mistake they are. What you should do as a parent is to encourage and help them every day to improve their language skills, which will...

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