Children Learning Games

Educational Toys

Why are educational toys so important?

Educational toys for children are the ones that generally create the most uncertainty amongst parents. At what age is it a good idea to introduce toys and games to children? Which toys fall into which...

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Turn room cleaning into fun and games for your child

kids chores fun games

There are only so many personal skills we want to teach our children while they are young. Certainly one of the most important ones is to be clean and organized. Now, as we swear by a natural way of learning English, we want to use all the...

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Birthday party ideas: Pinata & Treasure Hunt

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Birthday is that one very special day when we can spend hours and hours playing games and running around with our friends. We all remember very well anticipating ours every year. Generations may change but the excitement around the birthday will...

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Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

hygiene in english for kids

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age . There is a Czech proverb that says: ''Cleanliness is half your health''. Well, let's raise children that are healthy and bilingual too!

Bathroom vocabulary:

Towel - Bathroom vocabularyTowel

Toothbrush - Bathroom vocabularyToothbrush

Sponge - Bathroom vocabulary...

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Games for Kids: Hide and seek & Simon Says

english learning games for kids

No matter if it's summer or winter, if you want to make your child eat their soup or the daily portion of veggies or if you want them to learn English, the best way without a doubt is to do it through games. Below we have listed some of the...

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4 best activities for kids to play on the beach

beach activities to learn english for kids

Recently we were talking about ESL games and activities to keep your children entertained when traveling while also picking up a new language. This time we have 4 English learning activities for your beach vacation! 

1. Build a sandcastle -...

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4 fun car games for Kids

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Traveling to your summer vacation destination doesn’t have to be annoying and boring at all. Instead, you can turn it into an opportunity for learning English for your kid. Here are 4 ideas to make it more fun:

1. Count the cars - This is a great...

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