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Learn the body parts - fun kids activities

kids activities body parts

Learning the body parts requires engaging in activities with a lot of movements and, since kids are kinaesthetic learners, they will learn this topic easily and with a lot of enthusiasm! Let us give you a several activity ideas that will make learning so much fun:

1. Make your own monster - Awaken your child's creativity! Give him a piece of paper and have him draw his own monster with as many arms/eyes/legs as they want. They can color it afterwards and give it a name. When he's done ask him how many arms/eyes/legs does his monster have. While engaging in fun activities like this, kids learn faster and more thorough! 

2. Simon says - This classic game is perfect for your kids to learn about the body parts! (We have mentioned the rules previously when we were talking about games for kids). One of you has to be Simon and tell the other ones what do (''Simon says: touch your knees''), and the other one has to do as told, unless Simon gives a command without using the phrase ''Simon says'' (in this case the one who does the action loses).

3. Songs - Our favourite type of learning! On Lingokids you can find many fun songs on this topic. ''Body Parts Song'' is our personal favourite and will have your child singing along to it all the time!

4. Clothes and body parts - To go level up, combine body parts with clothes vocabulary. On a piece of paper draw pieces of clothing on one side and the body parts on which they are worn on the other side (write the names of both the body parts and the clothing items). Have your child match the clothing item with the corresponding body part.

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Birthday party ideas: Pinata & Treasure Hunt

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Birthday is that one very special day when we can spend hours and hours playing games and running around with our friends. We all remember very well anticipating ours every year. Generations may change but the excitement around the birthday will always remain the same. This year organise an English language birthday party for your child where while playing, your child and his friends can learn English too. Below we'll share with you some of our favourite birthday games:

1. Pinata 🎉  - Everyone loves a good excuse for having a pinata!  Stuff it with candies in every shape. Each child is given 3 chances to hit the pinata with a bat while blindfolded. After the pinata is burst open, the children run to collect the candies. Have them sort the candies by shape afterwards. On Lingokids there's the perfect pinata game that will prepare and help your child learn the shapes in English and have lots of fun!

2. Treasure hunt 🕵  - Place several objects in different sides of the backyard/house (make sure they are slightly visible so that the children can find them), write them on a list in English and draw the object next to the word. Divide the children in two teams and whoever collects the objects first - wins.

3. Water balloon toss 🎈 - Buy balloons in different colours and fill them with water. Divide the kids in pairs of two and have them gently pass a balloon one to the other trying to catch it successfully. Once the balloon breaks, the team gets a chance for a new balloon if they guess its color in English correctly.

4. Charades 🙉  - This game never gets old! Feel free to join the children in this one. Download our printable animal cards activities in English with a little drawing beside it. Have each kid take one piece of paper and act out the animal or activity while the rest are taking a guess.

Let's party! Happy Birthday! 🎂

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Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

hygiene in english for kids

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age 🛁 . There is a Czech proverb that says: ''Cleanliness is half your health''. Well let's raise children that are healthy and bilingual too!

1. Songs - There are many fun English songs for kids about this topic. ''Brush my teeth'' is our personal favourite - it's educational and fun and it will motivate your little ones to build a healthy routine.

2. Glitter hands - Sure, kids wash their hands but mostly they just rinse their hands under the water. ''Glitter hands'' is the perfect activity to engage in an English conversation for kids. Teach them about how germs stay on your hands if you don't wash them well (do it in English). Pour some glitter on their hands, take the soap and show them how to wash their hands well (have in mind that it will take about 30 seconds to scrub the glitter off their hands).

3. Hygiene charade - Think of an action for hygiene such as ''taking a shower'', ''brushing my teeth'' or ''brushing my hair''. Act them out for your kids and have them guess what's the action. Change roles after they have taken a guess. To learn more vocabulary (a toothbrush, a soap, etc.), after they have taken a guess, ask them ''What do you brush your teeth with?'' or ''What do you wash your hands with?''. You will have a lot of fun!

4. Hygiene puzzles - Cut pieces of paper in little square shapes and have one group that has activities written on them (washing hands, brushing teeth...) and on the other pieces write down the items you need in order to do those actions (a soap, a toothbrush...). Draw pictures on them to make it easier and clearer and have your little one match the object to the action.

5. Educational apps - In the English learning app for kids -  Lingokids , there is an entire topic full of activities (games and songs) for your child to learn all the vocabulary about hygiene in English.

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Games for Kids: Hide and seek & Simon Says

english learning games for kids

No matter if it's summer or winter, if you want to make your child eat their soup or the daily portion of veggies or if you want them to learn English, the best way without a doubt is to do it through games. Below we have listed some of the English game classics:

1. Hide and Seek 🙊 - One of the players has to cover the eyes while the rest of the players find places to hide. The "seeker" then opens the eyes and starts looking for the players. The first player to be discovered is the next "seeker".

2. Simon Says 🐵 - Choose one player who will be Simon and will call out actions starting with the phrase “Simon says” (“Simon says..touch your toes”). The players have to do what Simon told them to. However, if Simon calls out an action without the phrase “Simon says”, then the players must not do the action. The last player left in the game wins and becomes Simon.

3. Freeze Dance 🐒 - Choose some of your child’s favorite music and turn up the volume. Ask them to sing along and dance to the beat until the music stops. When it stops, they have to freeze in whatever you call out - be it an animal, shape, or a letter.

4. Educational Apps 🐵  - You can always use a little help from technology. Download an English learning app for kids such as Lingokids and get ready for some serious fun! You can play hide and seek in the forest or in the snow, you can cook with Eliot, the panda bear and enjoy many other fun activities.

Go have all the fun in the world!

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4 best activities for kids to play on the beach

beach activities to learn english for kids

Recently we were talking about ESL games and activities to keep your children entertained when travelling while also picking up a new language. This time we have 4 English learning activities for your beach vacation! 🌞

1. Build a sandcastle - nothing ever beats this classic. Even though it almost never comes as a real success from the first try, your kids and you will have so much fun trying it over and over again. Along the way make up a story about a family of animals who will live in the castle. It's a fun and creative way to have your kids learn English if you use the English names of the animals.

2. Trace the letter - A perfect way for your child to learn the letters is by tracing their shape. Download Lingokids and do the traceable exercises every day before you start practicing writing in the sand. They will find writing their own name extremely entertaining!

3. Beach tag - This classic is even more entertaining on the beach, as the sand makes us slip and fall. Have some laughs running around and name the person who is ''it'' a shark, octopus or any other sea animal and learn the animal names in English.

4. Aim game - There are never enough games for learning the numbers and shapes in English, and every one of them is as equally entertaining as it is educational. This one requires you to draw different shapes in the sand and put numbers inside. Have your little ones aim for particular shapes and score points.

Have lots of fun in the sun! 😎

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4 fun car games for Kids

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Travelling to your summer vacation destination doesn’t have to be annoying and boring at all. Instead you can turn it into an opportunity for learning English for your kid. Here are 4 ideas to make it more fun:

1. Count the cars - This is a great way to learn to count in English. Making a rule to only count cars in certain color will help your kid learn English colors too. For example - take only red cars and stop counting once you have counted 10.
Bonus tip: Make it a competition - whoever finishes counting first gets the extra candy that we know you have!

2. Cloud shapes - You definitely did this when you were a kid (and probably even now, admit it!). Stare out the windows and let yourselves be creative and have your kid learn English shapes. Don’t limit yourself to basic shapes, try animals and any other objects that you know too.

3. Family members - If you’re on your way to visit family, it is the perfect opportunity to learn the English names for family members. You will find just the perfect English game for kids for that purpose on Lingokids app (Works offline too!)

4. Name the fruit - kids learn English best when you teach them about things they see in everyday life. Take out the bag with fruits and get your kid to name each one.

Have a great trip!

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