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Motivate your kids with back to school songs!

back to school songs

Summer is almost over and the idea of going back to school can be quite sad for some children. Leaving home, being in a new environment with new people, studying... For those who go to the school for the first time (and those who still have some years before they do) it's a whole new experience that they might not be highly motivated about (at least not at first!). As a parent, you can motivate them by introducing them to school topics the fun way - And what could be more fun than back to school songs? Let us give you some topic ideas!

1. Making friends - It's sure the most daunting task, especially if your little one is very shy by nature. Have them learn English and learn the most important introduction phrases with a song!  Our ''Hello Song for Kids'' will sure be a very fun way to learn simple words and sentences like ''Hello!'', ''How are you?'', ''I'm fine!'' etc. Suddenly going back to school sounds so much fun!

2. Learn to count - OK, we'll admit - our favourite counting song is definitely ''Octopus, Octopus, How Many Legs?''. It's so catchy, your child will learn how to count in English very quickly.

3. Daily routine - It's very important to teach your little one to wake up early and to do the usual morning routine before they go to school - brushing their teeth, washing their face, combing their hair and having breakfast. On Lingokids you can find so many fun songs that will have your child do all these activities with a smile on their face!

4. School items - Learning the items that your child will put in your backpack, and the objects they will find in a classroom is a key topic. the ''Where is it?'' song has all the important vocabulary (and your child will also learn prepositions!)

5. Learn the alphabet - It's the first thing children learn in any language. There are so many alphabet songs that you can find and sing along at home! You can also check out our previous post about learning the alphabet and get even more ideas!

Happy learning!

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Tips to Teach English to Kids with Songs!

kids learn english with songs

One way to make English learning fun for kids is to introduce English through different media. Song is an excellent way for kids (as well as adults!) to learn common phrases, grammatical structures, and vocabulary without even realizing it! To help you in your language learning adventure, we’ve compiled some tips to help you sing and learn as a family.

Keep it fun: If you are just beginning to listen to music in English, introduce it casually, without pressuring your children to pay attention or sing along. Choose fun, silly songs that your children will engage with naturally. In Lingokids, you can find over 100 songs to get you started!

Singing in the car: Car rides are one of the best times to listen to English music. Sing “Wheels on the Bus” as you drive around town. Is it raining? Sing “Cowy’s Rainbow Colors Song“ and search for rainbows while learning the colors.

Watch sing alongs with lyrics: Rent sing-along DVDs featuring songs from your family’s favorite movies. Even if your child cannot yet read, children still absorb the printed words and build a meaningful foundation for literacy. Subscribe to our Lingokids Youtube Channel to find playlists and extended song compilations from Lingokids with lyrics!

Incorporate songs into daily routines: Sing songs around the house as you get dressed, brush your teeth, clean up toys, or prepare meals in the kitchen. The “Clean-Up Song” is an all-time favorite to encourage tidying up while having fun!

Get creative: Especially when you first start singing English, you will make mistakes. Use that to your advantage! If you confuse lyrics or song meanings, go ahead and create your own special renditions just for your family. Most importantly have fun!

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How to Encourage English Conversation for Kids

kids english speaking

Every child starts speaking a language at a different time. It all depends on how shy or afraid of making a mistake they are. What you should do as a parent is to encourage and help them them every day to improve their language skills, which will increase their confidence (no judging their mistakes allowed!). There are only so many ways to motivate your child to speak English at home. Here we give you a few foolproof tips:

1. Play and do crafts in English - Kids love to play and get messy - that's a fact. What is a better way for kids to start a conversation in English than doing their favourite activities? We have previously mentioned some classic English learning games for kids , and we're sure you are going to have the time of your life playing them. Apart from the games, try doing crafts . Get all messy and sticky while creating beautiful decorations. Speak to your child in English: ''Pass me the glue, please.'', ''Thank you!''. Try adding more and more short phrases over time.

2. Read bedtime stories in English - Before going to sleep, read stories in English to your little one. Try reading some that they already know in your native language - that way they will recognise and learn the words of the story easier and faster.

3. Expose them to native speakers - Starting to pronounce English words the right way is an essential thing to learn at the youngest age. That's why exposing your child to native English speakers is a must!  Lingokids live  offers online English classes for children with native English speakers. It is way more fun than any traditional English kids academy. Developing spoken English for kids is one of the most important skills to help them interact with other people around the world. Lingokids live also offers an opportunity for group classes with kids around the world which is a great way for your child to make friends and communicate in English with them. Give it a try today and book your class here  (First class is free!).

The most important thing to remember is that every child learns and decides to speak at their own pace. Be patient and continue encouraging them every day!

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5 Activities to Encourage Reading English Words for Kids

mother reading english words for kids

Learning to read can be a daunting task for young children, especially in a language different from the native. As a parent you can help your children overcome this obstacle by doing activities as a family. In this article we're going to give you some ideas on how to teach a child to read in English.

1. Cook as a family - What is your child’s favorite dish? Cook the meal as a family, and take turns reading aloud the recipe in English and mixing ingredients. If your children cannot understand the words, let them search for the numbers in the measurements first.

2.  Compare books and films - Is there a movie coming out that your child really wants to see? If possible, find the book version of the film and read it first as a family. Then, go see the movie in English.

3. Grocery store list - Transform weekly chores into adventures! Kids learn English best if some of the words they learn include everyday objects (like the cookies they love or their favorite fruit). Make an English version of your typical shopping list. Decorate it together to make it more fun and colorful. Then head to the grocery store and let your little one help you do the weekly shopping while having fun!

4. Play with educational apps - Educational apps such as Lingokids are a great way to introduce reading readiness games in a playful atmosphere. After your child plays a lesson, check out the Additional Material to find even more learning fun for the whole family!

5. Make bookmarks - Make bookmarks as a family, and let yourselves be creative. After you children spend time making their bookmarks, they’ll be thrilled to show them off while reading. Check out these awesome ideas for bookmark-making.

Let us know which trick worked best for your little one! ☺️

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How to Teach English to Children Through Their Senses

english games for kids

Kids learn English best when they interact with the objects they are being taught about. Preschoolers are kinaesthetic learners, so identifying, touching and smelling the object and being able to tell how it feels helps them memorise it easier. Find a few ideas below to get started!

1. Gather some objects - Place the objects on the table and make a "word bank" with all the words your child would use to describe how the object looks, feels and smells. Use words like: "fluffy", "rough", "crinkly", "sticky", etc. To make it more playful, have your child describe the object and you take a guess.

2. Make a list of objects - On a piece of paper put all the objects you can think of in English. Download an English learning app for kids such as Lingokids and use the objects you have learned while playing - together describe how they feel.

3. Read "touching and feeling" books - These books are gold for early ELLs. They are a great help when it comes to learning vocabulary to describe textures of objects. Check out Usborne's touchy-feely series of books . In the books the main protagonist is a mouse looking for something, and as soon as he thinks he found it, he realises it's too bobbly/hairy/fluffy.

Enjoy the touchy-feely game time! 🐼

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