Children with heatstroke

Heatstroke during the summer is more common than we think. This medical condition is produced when the body is unable to maintain its temperature within the standard levels. It usually occurs during hot weather periods when the body is unable to...

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Advantages of Swimming for Children

Sport is the best option for a child‘s physical development. There are many benefits for children who exercise, which apart from being healthy, also include improvements to relationship skills. According to some experts, swimming is one of the...

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What are the benefits of going to summer camp?

Summer is here! Children have finished school, received their grades and are now thinking about summer. A time of year to relax and disconnect from their daily routines. The summer months are a time to enjoy themselves with friends and family.


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Water Balloons Games for Children

Summer has arrived and during these days children enjoy their holidays and their friends. This is the favorite season of children because on top of having more free time, they can travel go to the beach and enjoy the swimming pool. Water is one of...

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Take care of their skin, sun lotions for children

Sunny days are great allies for children and adults that want to enjoy their summer holidays. Water, towels and sun umbrellas become a synonym of happiness, together with wonderful scenery with long summer days where the sun is the main character....

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Healthy Snacks for Children

For a right development and growth, children need to have a well balanced and healthy diet. The increase in obesity in the last years warns about the bad habits and the bad diet of children. It is recommended that a child eats between 1200 and...

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Water games for children

Now that summer has arrived, children spend a lot of time playing especially when they are on vacations and now that there’s good weather to go to the park or the swimming pool. More than half of the time during summer, they spend it playing and...

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Essentials to go to the beach with children

During the summer, the beach is one of the favorite places for the whole family to visit! It’s also one of the places children enjoy the most. 

Playing with the sand, running along the shore, and swimming while enjoying the waves are...

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