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Our curriculum has been developed by experts in early childhood language learning and includes content from Oxford University Press.

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The Lingokids methodology combines the best games, songs and writing exercises. Our method works. See for yourself!

Learning a new language at a young age doesn’t have to be a challenge. For children, a natural, fun learning environment is the ideal set up to make sure they will get the most out of their education, especially for those learning English as a second language. This is what makes Lingokids the best English language learning course for children from 2 - 8 years of age, as it helps them learn at their own pace, boost their self-confidence, and feel comfortable with what they’re studying.

Early childhood is an important stage for children’s education. During these first years, kids are driven by their curious minds and eager to absorb as much information as possible about the world that surrounds them. The Lingokids teaching method turns learning into an enjoyable activity, even for younger children! Additionally, Lingokids creates a safe environment for your child to learn, while providing access to the best content for their education. It also allows you to supervise closely your child’s progress -all from the comfort of your home.

What can I find in Lingokids?

In Lingokids, you have access to a variety of educational content in English aimed to help your little one learn a new language. The basic topics that you will find contain lots of vocabulary related to each lesson and even some examples of how to use new words in a conversation. Also, you will find several teaching and learn tips to help you with the activities, making the learning process easier for your little one.

Every child has a different way to learn, by doing written exercises, listening, or speaking. Taking a variety of learning styles into consideration, Lingokids offers several different types of English language learning activities for young children. You can help your child choose the activities they like the best from each topic, or focus on the ones that he or she needs to practice the most. This way, you can make sure that your little ones are improving their fluency, broadening their vocabulary in English, while also practicing spelling, grammar, and listening skills in a natural way.

Since repetition is a key factor in English learning, we include a myriad of activities to complement each one of the topics Lingokids has prepared for your child. Among these activities, there are songs for kids, printable exercises or worksheets, games for children, videos, and audiobooks. By using these exercises, you can help reinforce all that your child has learned in a fun way! Unlike most English courses we believe that repetition and studying do not have to be tedious!

What will my child learn using Lingokids?

With Lingokids, your child will learn English vocabulary for topics such as sports, feelings and emotions, action verbs, prepositions, and so on. Given that early exposure to a language means a higher chance of mastering it in the future, Lingokids offers you plenty of resources to boost your child’s writing and speaking skills. Additionally, almost every topic is complemented with its own printable flashcards so that you and your child will have the opportunity to keep practicing on your own through games and activities. that reinforced what your child has been learning.

The exercises available in Lingokids can help your child improve his or her writing skills by using different tracing activities. In these activities, your child will be guided to write the letters of the alphabet and even some complex words. Lingokids also focuses on helping children develop their communication skills by providing listening exercises, songs and videos.

Besides all of these activities, Lingokids offers online classes with native English teachers. You can book each lesson to fit your schedule. In each class, the teacher determines your child’s level, evaluate his or her progress and adjust the classes accordingly. Lingokids provides you with all the material needed for the classes, so you can easily prepare for them beforehand at home. These classes are designed so that your child can learn as he or she practices speaking and listening while also reviewing. The other concepts such as sharing and making friends.

What are the advantages of using Lingokids?

Usually, when choosing an English course for children, most parents tend to struggle with tight work schedules or with finding time among other existing extracurricular activities their children do each week. Some even the lack good language-learning options for their children.

Lingokids, apart from offering an award-winning curriculum supported by Oxford University Press, is easy to use from the comfort of your own home.

Lingokids makes learning fun and dynamic through games and activities aimed at helping your child increase his or her vocabulary. Lingokids helps with the preparation for children’s English language tests as they advance academically.

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