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Learning languages with Lingokids is exciting, fun, and effective. Lessons are embedded in colorful, interactive games that immerse your child in English adventures. Our platform technology adapts each game’s difficulty to your child’s individual level of progress. Our method works. See for yourself!

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Lingokids and OUP have collaborated to feature the content of the "Little Friends" course for pre-kindergarten in Lingokids. "Little Friends" introduces phonics, vocabulary, and numbers in an engaging learning environment.

Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, is the world’s largest university press. The English Language Teaching (ELT) Division of OUP is a global leader in multimedia English language teaching and educational materials.

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What parents think about us

Opinion 1

Educational in all aspects. This platform really helps.

Xiaomei Yang, 34
Bejing, China
Enthusiastic kindergarten teacher
Opinion 2

Great way to learn! It's very visual and very hands-on.

Silvia Hernando, 29
Mexico City, Mexico
Post-doc psychologist. Passionate about new technologies and education
Opinion 3

Ideal to keep the little ones amused while learning

Kate Johnson, 35
San Francisco, USA
Passionate mother. Hard worker and successful journalist from USA
Opinion 4

Kids love it. We love watching them improve everyday.

François Reuter, 39
Lille, France
Human rights lawyer and proud father of 2 kids


Our Method

A natural way to learn a second language. Lingokids continuously exposes your child to various grammatical structures and more than 3,000 vocabulary words. Our hits-and-errors algorithm adapts each lesson to your child’s learning speed. You can monitor your child’s development with our progress reports. Self-motivation and engagement will come naturally.
Early childhood is critical for cognitive development. The sooner a child is exposed to a second language, the easier it will be for the child to learn. Our apps stimulate language learning pathways during this optimum period. Because 50 percent of the ability to learn is developed in the first years of life, our immersive program has the opportunity to encourage early learning and development. Lingokids will give your little one independence and eagerness to learn.

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"Children learning with Lingokids increase their vocabulary by 35.56% compared with only a 6.67% increase with Duolingo."

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Malcolm X Omaha, USA

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.


Lingokids is an award-winning company that makes language learning fun for kids. We are experts in language development. Our apps are the result of our multidisciplinary teamwork. Children are always at the core of our design and development process.

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